Conductor, educator, and multi-instrumentalist Clark Chaffee will bring his award-winning, interactive methods to Bozeman, Montana for four days this July!


Therapy for the Rhythmically-Impaired
Teacher Training Clinic

Clark will share the skills you need to drastically reduce the time you waste fixing rhythm errors. All you need is a pencil and your enthusiasm for musical refinement!

This workshop IS DESIGNED FOR:

  • any musician working off the printed page

  • musicians who struggle with reading rhythmic notation

  • music teachers and music education majors seeking a tool to teach rhythm

  • professionals seeking continuing education credits


Intonation / Sight-Reading Enhancement
Teacher Training Clinic

Clark demystifies key signatures and scale playing by exploring the tetrachord cycle and how it works in every key and position. Transform rehearsals from remedial to refined!

This workshop IS DESIGNED FOR:

  • wind, percussion, and choral musicians who find themselves developing a string program

  • music teachers, music education majors, and students seeking to reduce wrong notes and poor intonation

  • string players who want to improve sight reading and shorten prep time for repertoire mastery

Workshops held at Pilgrim Congregational UCC
South 3rd Avenue • Bozeman, Montana

One-on-one sessions available.

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